Through their $100,000 grant, Intel has teamed up with Phoenix College for another year of the “TEC is for Girls! program.” The program reaches out to middle school-aged youth in area school districts, including Osborn, Isaac, Cartwright and Pensar Academy, in an effort to engage them in science at an earlier age.

Last year, Phoenix College partnered with both South Mountain and Gateway Community Colleges to expand their initial reach, which now includes seven area middle schools. Sixth through eighth-grade participants are paired with mentor college students who are pursuing STEM degrees, and all are invited to a TEC (technology, engineering, and computing) conference at PC.

The TEC program is helping pave the way for female students and exposes them to the plethora of opportunities that they will have in their future. The program has reached more than 750 students during the conferences and nearly 200 in weekly school outreach. There has also been a change in the number of young women who envision themselves going to college, from 24% to 78%. Through the TEC program, over 10,000 impact hours have been accounted for. That’s an astonishing number!

We’re proud to partner with Intel and with incredible programs like TEC is for Girls! … the future looks bright.

Read more about the initiative here


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