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Master Planning

Student Services Bldg Construction
Student Services Bldg Construction

Phoenix College has recently completed a number of major construction projects. The result is a more modern campus with greater amenities for students and employees even as it retains its historical look and legacy as the flagship institution of Maricopa Community Colleges.

Sophomore Square

Sophomore Square makes up the central campus thoroughfare and traditionally has served as a major area for school and club functions as well as a social gathering point for students. It will also be landscaped with mature trees to provide shade and cooling along with other upgrades such as electrical outlets and fiber optic improvements.

A new zero-edge fountain which incorporates some of the original bricks from the old fountain will be built on the northern part of the Square, making way for a more open, pedestrian friendly Sophomore Square.

West Parking Lot

First on the list to be completed will be the West Parking Lot, which will be ready in time for the crush of students attending in the fall semester. The improvements will allow a smoother flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic and shore up some drainage deficiencies. Drop off points will be better marked and landscaping will provide a more visually attractive parking area.

Hannelly Center

The centerpiece of Phase II will be the new cafeteria, and a glass atrium connecting the old Hannelly Center with the new Enrollment Center, which was completed in January 2012. It will house Counseling, REACH/TRiO and the Cafeteria.

The latter will feature a wraparound patio that will overlook Sophomore Square and give diners an outdoor seating option. The glass atrium and a skylight will provide ample natural light into those areas and give the building a bright airy feel, all the way down to the lower level.

John Paul Theatre

The project includes renovating the entrance to the John Paul Theatre, with the goal of allowing it to serve as a bookend to the renovated Sophomore Square. The new entrance will be complimented by a small outdoor theater.