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Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Program is designed to provide students and professional writers with access to a community of writers and creative writing activities, instruction and guidance from established authors, and ongoing support in improving their writing skills and marketing their work.

As students take courses in the program, they will build a portfolio of original work that may be used to seek admittance to a bachelor's or master's level creative writing program or that may include work to be submitted for publication.

Program Certificate

The Academic Certificate in Creative Writing prepares students to continue in their academic pursuits, improve their writing skills and enjoy personal development with improved writing skills. Not sure where to start? CRW 150 is the core of the program, offering you a chance to try several genres.

For information on the Academic Certificate, please email Eric Berge ( Certificate Program Coordinator).

Completion of the certificate does not lead to a particular degree program, but may aid students in their pursuit of a career in the writing professions and in their continued enjoyment of writing for personal growth. 

Transfer: Students are always encouraged to check with the receiving institution, your PC academic advisor and website for the most accurate and timely transfer requirement information.

Skills & Knowledge

Skills and knowledge gained in the program include the ability to:

  • Effectively manipulate language in a variety of creative writing genres, with attention to precision, appropriateness, conciseness, connotation, and freshness.
  • Explain the writer's responsibilities in avoiding plagiarism, acquiring permission to use copyrighted material, and engaging in contracts.
  • Write complete, marketable creative works in at least two different genres, using appropriate manuscript form.
  • Define and describe the following genres and literary types: poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, stage play, screenplay, children's literature, horror, romance, science fiction, and action/adventure.
Career and Employment Outlook: 

For information about careers in your area of study, visit O*NET OnLine for detailed job descriptions, education requirements, wage and employment trend information.

Transfer Options: 

Maricopa Degree Options

At PC, get a degree in... And transfer to a university to get a degree in...
Associate in Arts (AA) Bachelor of Arts

Maricopa-ASU Pathway Program

This program has an MAPP (Maricopa-ASU Pathway Program) option. For more information about the MAPP program and to find additional information, see the MAPP page.