Phoenix College Students

Forensic Technology

The Forensic Technology Program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the fields of forensic technology.  It provides practitioners in the field with the opportunity for academic growth and development in their specialized fields. Students will take courses such as Crime Scene Investigation, Police Photography, Evidence Technology, Crime Scene Processing.

Skills & Knowledge

Examples of skills and knowledge gained through the successful completion of this program include:

  • Describe the major rules of evidence, including the Opinion Rule, Hearsay Rules (and its exceptions), Best Evidence Rule, the Exclusionary Rule, and the rules regarding privileged communications.
  • Develop and lift latent prints using both powders and chemical methods.
  • Collect and preserve physical evidence.
  • Photograph basic accident and crime scenes and specific items of evidence using appropriate photographic techniques.
  • Describe criminal investigation and list the appropriate steps to be undertaken during the investigation of specific crimes.
  • Describe courtroom demeanor and protocol including the role and primary functions of witnesses and legal counsel.

For a complete listing, see the competencies for each specific degree or certificate.

Career and Employment Outlook: 

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