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Retail Management

The Retail Management program teaches you foundational principles of business, retail management, accounting, marketing and business communication. The program is designed to prepare individuals working in the retail management, food industry, and related fields, for the entry and mid-level management position challenges of the future. 

The curriculum encompasses business essentials and also emphasizes the skill sets needed for effective management and communication in the work environment. Instruction will provide the background and knowledge necessary for students to develop the judgment skills they must exercise as business managers.

Skills and Knowledge

Skills and knowledge gained in the program include the ability to:

  • Describe structure and operation of retail organizations, merchandising (price, location, time promotion and quantity), and advertising operations.
  • Demonstrate contemporary written communication skills by producing memos, letters, informal and formal reports.
  • Demonstrate skills in leading, negotiating, and working in harmony with others in a business setting.
  • Solve business problems involving bank reconciliation, percent, fractions, decimals, payroll, interest, present value, and depreciation.
Career and Employment Outlook: 

For information about careers in the field of retail management visit O*NET OnLine and view detailed job descriptions, education requirements, wage and employment trend information. 

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Transfer Options: 

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