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The discipline of Sociology examines the behavior of humans in different groups within the society. It includes examination of various areas of inequalities, such as class, gender, race/ethnicity and age. It also includes examination of issues relating to the social structure of American society and its social institutions.

A career in Sociology may include performing the following tasks:

  • Analyze and interpret data in order to increase the understanding of human social behavior.
  • Plan and conduct research to develop and test theories about societal issues such as crime, group relations, poverty, and aging.
  • Collect data about the attitudes, values, and behaviors of people in groups, using observation, interviews, and review of documents.
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate methods of data collection, such as questionnaires or interviews.
  • Direct work of statistical clerks, statisticians, and others who compile and evaluate research data.


Career and Employment Outlook: 

Sociologists study human society and social behavior by examining the groups and social institutions that people form, as well as various social, religious, political, and business organizations.

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Additional Info: 

Program Curriculum

The Sociology curriculum does not lead to a particular degree, but may meet Social & Behavioral Science or Cultural Diversity/Awareness requirements towards fulfillment of an Associates Degree or Certificate. Note: For specific course applicability see General Education Designations in the course schedule class description.

Course List

Check with an academic advisor for specific program requirements.

Transfer Options: 

Courses may transfer to a four-year college or university as elective credits, program requirement credits, and/or graduation requirements for the receiving institution.

Students interested in transferring to a university are encouraged to check with their academic advisor and website for the most accurate and timely transfer requirement information.