Phoenix College Students - Southwest Studies

Southwest Studies

The Southwest Studies Program applies a broad, interdisciplinary approach to the study of the peoples and places of the American Southwest. Students enrolled in the Southwest Studies Academic Certificate will study the environment of the region and how people have historically related to that environment.

The Certificate approaches the cultural issues more broadly and includes a stronger emphasis on the ecology, geography, and political history of the region.

Knowledge & Skills

Skills and knowledge gained in the program include the ability to:

  • Describe and analyze the historical and continuing interactions between Hispanic, Anglo, African-American, and Native cultures of the peoples who have settled the American Southwest.
  • Describe the characteristics of the prehistoric native cultures of the American Southwest.
  • Analyze environmental impacts of modern human activities in the Southwest and evaluate their significance for the continued functioning of Southwestern ecosystems.
  • Describe demographic characteristics of the Southwest, including growth, distribution, and migration of major population.