Students at Phoenix College

Students Rights and Responsibilities (Student Handbook)

This section describes the type of behaviors/acts that constitute academic misconduct, sanctions for violation of the policy, and the appeal process.

This section provides a step by step guide of the student complaint (grievance) process for instructional issues such as grades, assignments, and other course-related issues.

This section provides a step by step guide of the student complaint resolution process for non-instructional issues not related to grades, assignments or other course-related concerns.

This section outlines the parameters of romantic/amorous and/or sexual relationships between Maricopa Community College employees and students (18 years or older) currently enrolled at one of the community colleges as well as the procedures for disclosure.

This section provides information on previous college credit earned another institution and/or via assessment methods.

This section outlines the process for filing an informal or formal discrimination complaint. Complaints may be brought under this procedure for discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and sexual harassment), sexual orientation, age, Vietnam-era veteran status, and physical or mental disability.

This section lists the rules, regulations, and sanctions for use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs on Maricopa Community Colleges premises.