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Instructor Information

 Welcome to Testing Services!

We are excited to support the proctoring needs of you and your students and hope that you find the following information valuable. This service is offered to any student who misses a regular scheduled exam and/or has accommodations authorized by Disability Resources and Services. Due to limited resources, we are unable to support full class testing.


Essential Information for your Students

  • Appointment to are required for all faculty exams. Please direct your students to Testing Services to request an appointment or obtain additional information.
  • Testing Services will send a confirmation email to your student's official MCCCD Email Account, students should allow at least one business day to process their request. Request received outside of business hours will be processed prior to closing on the following business day.
  • Upon check-in, students must present a current, valid photo ID & a printed/digital copy of their appointment confirmation


Essential Information for Faculty

How do I submit directions for my exam?

Testing Services utilizes an online system that will allow you to submit exam directions, edit directions & track your student’s progress easily

  1. Navigate to: 
  2. Log in with your MEID & Password
  3. Select - Directions for New Test, View/Update Test or Completed Course Test Report

Directions for new test: when prompted confirm that this is a new test

  • Completed all fields & submit the exam directions
  • If your directions are assigned a Test ID (top of page) your exam submission was successful
  • Upon submission you'll see a "Print Cover Sheet" link (right of the submit button). Print your coversheet; attach a cover sheet to each exam
  • If your exam is entirely online, no additional steps are required

View/Update Test: Use this option if you are changing the directions for an exam you have already submitted. Please do not edit directions for exams that have been completed.

  • Leave all search boxes blank (you can limit your search but it is not recommended)
  • Select the "All Tests" radio button and hit search, you'll see all of your exams for this semester
  • Find the correct exam, and select it using the TestID link
  • Make appropriate edits & submit your exam directions.
  • Exams are administered according to the directions you submit; we are unable to accept any updates or changes provided by students. Faculty may edit exam directions at their convenience, utilizing the View/Update option.  

Track your students progress:

  • Select the "Completed Course Test Report" link
  • Leave all search fields blank, and hit search
  • You'll see a complete list of students who have completed your exams this semester
  • You will not see students who are currently taking your exam

How do I deliver my exam(s) to Testing Services?

  • Exams may be delivered in person, by intercampus mail or email

To submit an exam via email: 

  • Submit exam directions online prior to sending exam via email
  • Exams must be sent by 3pm the day prior to the students appointment to allow for processing
  • Send exam and resources (charts, graphs, etc.) in .pdf format to minimize formatting problems
  • Testing Services will print up to 3 copies of an exam, more than 3 copies must be delivered
  • Please use the naming convention below, to ensure we can match your exam to your directions: Name_course_section_test (Example: Smith_ENG102_#12345_Exam1.pdf)
  • Testing Services will send you a confirmation email when we receive your exam
  • Email exams to

Retrieve your exam(s)

  • Upon completion, Testing Services will store your exam(s) in a secure manner; you may pick them up at your convenience.
  • Please bring a photo ID to pick up your exams.
  • You may designate another Phoenix College employee to pick up your exams, if desired please note this designation in your exam directions.
  • TS is happy to return exams via intercampus mail, please note this preference in your exam directions if desired

 Other Information 

  • Use the Completed Course Test Report link to generate a report of students who have completed your exam(s).
  • Due to space & staff limitations, TS is unable to collect homework or other classroom assignments/materials. 

ADA Accommodations 

  • Any student who is registered with the Disability Resources & Services Office and has received authorization for an ADA exam accommodation that includes a reader/scribe or specialized equipment should make their arrangements with the DRS office directly.
  • ADA exam accommodations limited to additional time and/or reduced distraction room are managed in Testing Services upon student request. 

We appreciate your feedback

  • If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know. Testing Services is located in the lower level of the Hannelly Center. You may also reach us by phone 602.285.7844 or email us at